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Extra Żytnia Vodka 70cl / 40%

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Extra Zytnia® Vodka is an excellent dry vodka and one of the most popular in Poland and among Polish expatriate communities around the world. That’s because Poland is where vodka was born. Zytnia® (pronounced zhit-NYA) is made from high quality rectified rye spirit obtained from special varieties of grain. This vodka has won numerous gold medals for its taste. Produced from 100 percent rye grain it is one of the most flavorful and interesting vodkas.”

🇵🇱 Extra Żytnia to wódka przygotowywana na bazie oczyszczonego zbożowego spirytusu neutralnego i górskiej wody. Żytnie grzeje, Żytnia chłodzi, Żytnia nigdy nie zaszkodzi!

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